Not New, but Maybe New to You (II)

I didn't get all of them last time, so here's some more:

I keep taking the safe road in life.

I've used the same passwords (or derivatives of them) for over a decade now. And they're probably easier to guess than they should be.

I always smile when I see hints of my mother's character coming from my aunts; the resemblance and mannerisms is uncanny.

I can watch episodes of Friends until the end of eternity.

It drives me nuts when people put extra spaces at the end of a line of a Word document. (I always have "show all symbols" turned on when I'm editing.)

Now, when I smell matches in the bathroom, I automatically smell the poo.

My all-time favourite channel is the Food Network. And they don't have that in Taiwan.

Now you.


Anonymous said...

I could eat, sleep, and breathe episodes of Friends.

Wow Ben, something we have in common!!!


Mike said...

You know.. the good old tradition of typing is to have two spaces after a period or a colon... :)

Ben said...

Taj, I'm not finding Joey as funny as Friends. Friends was a semi-automatic joke machine: joke, joke, joke! But Joey seems to give longer breaks between, needs longer setup times.

Yeah, but after a while, Mike, I got tired of forcing an extra space in HTML. Every time, typing [space] and then " " can really tire you out.

Kevin Cheng said...

"You know.. the good old tradition of typing is to have two spaces after a period or a colon... :)"

true but this was for readability reasons of monospaced characters and is NOT relevant to truetype fonts used in word, which adjusts spacing of characters and words automatically for you. i find it irritating as well.

Anonymous said...

After the end of friends I REFUSED to watch Joey. I knew it wouldn't be the same, so I didn't even bother with it.

It's just not the same without the rest of the Central Perk gang!!

And remember, "Sometimes men love women, and sometimes men love men. And then there are bisexuals, but some just say they're kidding la la la...."

Yeah, that's right, I know that by heart :)