I'm tired. Exhausted.

I'm more tired from my weekends than from my workdays. But I'm way more frustrated from my workdays than my weekends. So I think I'm still happier on the weekends.

But that doesn't change the fact that I'm still tired right now.


Kevin said...

I completely agree. I love my weekends, but they're exhausting. Traveling to Taipei every weekend (and sometimes here and there during the week) is draining... regardless of whether I'm just sitting and sleeping on a bus. Taiwan weather also adds to this tiring effect. I don't suffer from depression, but having NICE days (not too hot, but with sun) are hard to come by.

Ben said...

Update: I'm not as tired as before now, but I would still consider this consciousness level as dead tired (which is not a lot higher than plain dead). Hopefully, a quick visit to the gym will help boost my energy a bit.

It seems to me that the rainy days are the worst, and mostly because of the damp grey look outside, plus the knowledge that I'm going to be IN it when I scooter.