Just a Little Bit

I'm just a little bit miffed right now at the apathetic attitude of one engineer at work. I like to think that I'm pretty patient with this thing, and I try to be a good and nice boss and a fun coworker to boot. But I'm at the end of my rope now, and I'd kind of like to make a loop out of it and snuggle it around his neck. This dude is young, but still, the "young and stupid" excuse should only be used so much, and not this much:

- You don't run up $9000NT ($300US) mobile phone bills month after month making personal international phone calls. (I have since gotten into the habit of handing him his detailed phone bill to get him to pay it directly.)
- Once reprimanded several times, it is not acceptable to simply using the landline to make your personal calls instead. Guess what? I'll be leaving those bills on your desk as well.
- In our line of work, there's never "nothing to do". The industry is changing, and a lot of the weekly changes affect you, so you can't sit there and tell me you have nothing to do, unless you know absolutely everything. Which you don't.
- Even if you think you have nothing to do, you can't leave at 4:45pm without telling anybody. If you want to take advantage of your own unproductivity, that's one issue. But I won't have you countering the general atmosphere and morale of the other employees who see you leaving early.
- There's a $100K US project with a schedule conflict, and one half of the conflict is some maintenance that you have scheduled with our vendor. I don't want to lose this project, and I would like you to at least make the effort to call the vendor and even ask if a reschedule can be possible. I certainly expect you to do it after I straight-out ask you to. Twice. With still no action whatsoever, even knowing the urgency I'm posing here.
- Don't take my niceness to be your God-given right. You may have some experience, but you are not indispensible in that role or in this company. And I will forever value the right attitude over that measley year of experience you have. Remember that. Because if you forget, I will soon make an example of you to straighten out anyone else who's thought of being as slack-assed as you.

I don't slag my coworkers except on rare occasion. But this really took me over the top. I've worked really hard on this project and put part of my vacation request on hold to see if I should stay in the office over Christmas for it. I will not have this punk fvck it up just because he's young and incredibly selfish.


Kevin said...

There is another way. Leave a rock between the door and doorway to prevent it from closing. Give me a bat. I'll do the rest.

Rich and Angel said...

If you're the boss, can't you just fire his sorry ass?

Rose said...

You go Benben!! We're cheering you on...

Mike said...

Ooh.. ooh!! can I chime in on bashing silly things people do?? I'm still very amazed at how some of these guys have gotten the positions they hold! I mean if I can direct a co-op student to be more effective than some of these "seasoned" professionals, what am I to do with 20 of these guys? At least you have the power to "make example" of your one problem.. :( I have close to 10 problems and there is nothing I can do about it but complain to who does have power and don't do anything about it.

Nk said...

I echo R&A's comment: fire his ass. Get him deported (if applicable).

Ben said...

K, how about I let you in our building (he lives in the same building as me) and tell you which apartment it is? But after the job, don't run straight back to me; try to lose whoever's trailing you first, and then loop back to the building again.

RnA, I'm a patient guy and firing someone is never a pleasant endeavour, so if I can, I would like to avoid it. At least, not without giving him increasing warnings and explanations so that he sees why we are requesting the types of behaviour and conduct that we are requesting; in the end, I would like him to actually understand why he's being let go. And anyway, it has to be a joint decision between me and the other location manager, and then be signed off by the managing directors.

M, yeah, I don't know what it is. I hope that in my entry I haven't made myself out to be a star employee or a super-productive guy, because I'll admit I'm not perfect. Far from. But this guy is unacceptably further from it. It's like he's just taking our company for a ride, so he could move here from Europe and live like a king in Taiwan.

And it gets back to the risk of getting let go; if we let him go, he's really got no chance around here to find something else, except maybe teach English.

Ce said...

can of whoop-ass.
that's all u need.