Mr. Bigglesworth

I had never known Taiwanese weather for anything other than sticky humidity and sweltering heat, but this winter is really something else. It's chilly enough to need a thick jacket and a scarf, especially walking out at night, but it's doubly worse when you're on a scooter because of that damned wind chill.

That's all fine and dandy, because you can just bundle up when you head out. But at home? There's no heating built into the homes here (unless you're super-ultra-mega-rich), and dammit, in the office neither. In fact, it almost feels colder in the office than outside! I have resorted to wearing fleece jackets and sweaters while in the office -- it's like a ski lodge here.

Hmmm, maybe a little booze will help the work day go by warmer (and better).


Kathryn said...

it is the same in HK ... i heard even in northern part of China where can get really cold. The worst moment I find is the shower time - naked and waiting for the hot water. You may want to get a small heater in your apartment to keep you warm.

Ben said...

I know what you mean about the shower. But I'm quite brilliant, and this is what I do now: I turn on the shower to a low flow using super-hot water and do something else for a minute or two while it warms up, and then I strip, streak, and shower. I'm a genius, alright.

I've been avoiding the idea of buying a heater, because I really don't want any more ugly-looking devices hanging around. Plus, they seem to be expensive here! For the time being, it's fleece pants and sweater while at home.

Or maybe I need to buy a PC to heat up more.

hougee said...

maybe an electric blanket? or just keep the hot water running till it warms up your aparment :)

Anonymous said...

Drink hot water to regulate internal body temperature. You can also wear a stocking cap at home, since something like 80% of heat escapes through the head.

Rich and Angel said...

Can't they just run the air conditioning machines in reverse mode? Remember that on the external outlet of an A/C device, they're blowing out hot air.

Kevin said...

Well, Ben, you did your "brilliant" method for getting hot water back in Vancouver too... but I have never known water to take more than 30 seconds back home or at your place... which is why by the time you get back into the shower, it's already a steamroom. Fortunately I have a hot water tank in my washroom, so it takes all of 5 minutes for it to deliver wet heat all over my wanting body.

I have 2 heaters now... but one to be returned to the store. My brilliance also led me to buy an electrical outlet timer so that my heater turns on at 8:30am, 30 mins before I wake up.