o, d, b.

Something I learned during our quality system training: if you stare at the Powerpoint slide of Arial font characters, and you unfocus your eyes a little bit, these letters ...

o d b p q

... exhibit the large "o" parts of their letters a little more. It's like suddenly, you notice the round holes more throughout the page. It's neat. Or maybe it's not, and I was just really bored during training.


Princess Taj said...

HAHAHA, great observation!!!

The power point presentations at training last week were all in Times New Roman - that's the one font they teach you not to use in powerpoint training.

Drove me BANANAS!!!!

Ben said...

Mostly, I like watching speakers put up a slide that's crammed full of words -- even full paragraphs, if you can believe it! And then I like to see them present the information on that slide ... by reading the paragraphs verbatim. And the audience is of course trying to read the paragraph on their own, while getting distracted by the speaker's reading aloud.

People seriously need to learn presentation skills, in terms of Powerpoint and slides.