So Much Stuff, So Little Trunk Space

Lesson learned: shopping at Costco on a scooter is a lot less fun, because you have to worry about how the hell you're going to get it all home.

This also extends to shopping at supermarkets and everything else, further exacerbated by that trunk area getting hot after longer rides (because it's directly overtop of the 125cc engine). That means frozen foods or chilled fruit don't fare too well in there. Perhaps I can rig up some kind of container to take advantage of the heat, and cook stuff while riding?

What I miss most, though, is the convenience of just chucking stuff in the trunk or back seat of my car, and keeping it "with me" whenever. In a car, I kept three bins of stuff -- flashlights and whatever, bottled water, gym stuff, anything. It's really my second home. Now, space is a premium, and I have to carefully budget what I throw in there. Everything has gone mini now: tiny flashlight, the most compact raincoat I could get, little sample-pack sized things, etc.

Can't wait to have a car again.


James said...

I can't imagine trying to balance all that soda and toilet paper on top of a little scooter. Makes going to costco almost fruitless.

Kevin said...

"Can't wait to have a car again."
Makes it sound like you have plans to have one soon.

Yeah, I sometimes struggle with buying big things,... but I have less of a problem because I only have to consider myself (no occassional guests), and I get by with just small purchases anyway.

Just make sure you have a friend with a car on call for the large objects.

Nk said...

Costco = bulk. It's sad not to be able to fulfill that. Very sad. :(

What I find even harder is the impromptu stops. You realise that you're out of something and go to pick it up. Then you remember needing something else... And of course they're bulky items and you didn't bring a backpack that day. Bummer.

Ce said...

Whatcha gonna do wit all dat junk?
All dat junk wit-out a trunk?

Ben said...

Well, I'm not planning to get one soon, but I know when I move again, I will buy one. My current plan is to settle in a region where I can drive -- can't be scooting around forever, ya know, especially not with kids!

I have to say, I've gotten quite adept at packing stuff on my scooter. In the trunk, in the footspace piling up almost to the handlebars (higher if it's something soft like a 36-pack of toilet paper or two pillows), and a backpack.

Still, it's better than not having a scooter -- those guys have to carry everything on their persons all the time. That must suck.