Bah, Humbug

It's not Christmas.

Christmas has malls full of decorations in festive greens and reds, Christmas music everywhere, jingling Santas, those annoyingly bell-happy Salvation Army people. Christmas is full of happy kids all around, and busy people with shopping bags, wrapped up with coats and scarves, and tufts of fog from their breath outside.

It's not Christmas. It's not Christmas. Not yet, anyhow.

I bought myself a 4-foot (plastic) tree, and loaded it with ornaments in silvers, golds, and reds, and tinsel and stuff. And let's certainly not forget the little white lights that glow and fade, wax and wane, blink excitedly, and chase each other around the tree. And tealights from IKEA in red, green, and white, which burn and waft aromatic apple cider and cinnamon scents across my apartment.

And I've added some 10 albums to my iTunes, chock full of Christmasy music, even if some are repeats. Now, it's time to gather all the Christmasy movies I can get my hands on, and then have a Christmas Eve party at my place for those of us who don't have our families together for the holiday.


Kevin said...

I have a good idea. We should print out music songs' lyrics and sing carols at your place. That and drink egg nog 'til our noses are Rudolf red.

... and then go streaking.

Thoughts said...

Haha...I love X-mas. It's such a joyful time of the year. You should tape the singing of carols and send it to all your friends...haha.

Ben said...

Ah, yes, the streaking. I heard that Windex cleans that right up.

Thoughts, that's a fantastic way ... to lose all my friends for good.

Rose said...

Time goes by way too fast... another xmas, another year. Blah. I've never dreaded a b-day as much as my next one.