Time Wasting Efficiency

So I was wasting time one day, honing my skills at it. And J just IMs me in the middle of our conversation:

he: survivor is on now, so I'm watching that as I talk to u
me: Haha ... multitasking.

That got me to thinking, we need to come up with a term that means "multitasking at wasting time", like doing many time-wasting things at once. I mean, it's strangely paradoxical because it's really about being time-efficient at time-wasting, the concept of which I think merits its own term.

So. What to call it?


Van said...

OMG that is totally my problem. When I repeatly check email, check my ebay, read my blog comments, read other blogs, and google random things all at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Me and my, 'mult-laxing', have inspired Ben's blog entry today :-)

head dump said...

Is that why I feel so busy doing nothing? Uploading software while watching TV and chatting online and fixing my blog. Sometimes I talk on the phone while doing all that too. You think these skills will look good on a resume?

Ben said...

I think these skills, when on a resume, are termed "proficient at multitasking". But in real life (which we all know a resume is not), I think it needs a new term. I'm out of ideas as to what to call it, though!

Funny, but I'm amazingly (annoyingly) productive during my vacation time. It's like I need to get the most out of it, which leaves me absolutely drained. Ugh.