New Word

vacation: va-ka'-shən. (pronounciation key)
n., v. tr.

1. leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure.
2. the act of making something legally void.
3. seeing what rain is like in other parts of the world.

Actually, though it's been rainy on Sunday and Monday here in Vancouver, the skies have opened up this lovely morning. The sun is out, the air is exactly as crisp autumn air should be, and I think I'll go enjoy a coffee while cruising or sitting along English Bay.


Mary said...

Nice to hear you're home with family! Enjoy!

head dump said...

coffee and the beach, I miss that about Vancouver.

Ben said...

Actually, I lied. Immediately after posting this entry, I went to bed for 3 more hours.

And I didn't have a coffee while sitting along English Bay; I had my Vera's Natural Burger and a 24oz of Mug rootbeer. That is one damned good burger, I tell you. Way better than what equal money buys in Taiwan, I'll tell you as well.

And I also enjoyed my Jugo Juice while touring around Stanley Park. Gorgeous day, what with the leaves turning colour this time of fall.