Long day (again). Did some last-minute shopping for other people, made my final Apple Store purchases in SF, and flew in from SFO to catch the last half of the rehearsal dinner (but not the actual rehearsal).

Got called in on a last-minute late-night emergency: handmade dinner placecards hadn't been finished, and it was the night before the wedding! Hougee and I swooped in, got our production hats on, and rattled through the guestlist. We got a good system going, and were done by 2:00am.

Came home, packed as much as I could, because I won't have much time tomorrow night and I leave for TPE on Sunday morning. And I don't plan to be too sober after the wedding; I need to get my drink on, after the events of this week!

And I still haven't written my speech yet. I have some thoughts and ideas, but nothing you could call a speech. And as of this entry, neither has the groom.


Nk said...

Gosh. Well, hope you managed to "scrape" something together before the time came! Was it captured on video? Lessee, lessee!

Nk said...

Gosh, I guess I'd better start thinking of stuff for my Maid of Honour speech next year.... Hmmm. I hope they don't expect me to deliver the speech in Cantonese, too... @_o

Ben said...

I forgot to mention that there's a website called The Best Man Speech that is an awesome resource for such things; there's even tabs for other speeches too, and I'll bet you can find other sites that do the same thing, but this was the best I found. It has suggestions for opener lines, moods, stories, etc.

I read a few of them, and they're well-written, and had to stop reading on before I had the urge to just steal all of it and write a speech that had absolutely nothing to do with Mike. :-)