Scrubbing Songs

Cleaning ID3 tags is a huge pain in the ass, and extremely time-consuming. But not cleaning them and allowing my iTunes to have messy song lists and missing album covers is a bigger pain in the ass. So I'm stuck cleaning them.


Kevin said...

yep. I want to burn my MP3s to CD/DVD. But at the same time, I like to have them organized before I etch them permanently. But I have no time for organization now. So, at the end of the day, they just take up disk space.

My prediction is that I will end up burning them with only minor clean-up. It will suck. And I will cringe each time I go through that DVD. But I will have to live with it.

Ben said...

I think my main problem is that 40GB of music is too much. I probably haven't listened to about 10GB of it, and it's just sitting there taking up space.

That's one thing about not carrying my music on my iPod anymore -- I can't simple rate the song I'm listening to, so that I can mark it for deletion later if I don't like it.

(For me and my iTunes, a one-star rating means "get rid of it" and a two-star means "erase if I need more space", while three stars begins the distinctions on how much I like the song.)

I didn't used to be this Monk-ish about my music, but as the collection grows, I need to maintain some sort of order to make heads or tails of it, and to make playlists somehow meaningful. MoodLogic would be a welcome addition right now.

Kevin said...

Yes, well... "it's a jungle out there..."