Okay, quick. Words are not coming to me as smoothly as I would like. What should I say in my best man speech on Saturday??


Mike said...

tell me about it!

I haven't had this bad of a writter/speaker's block in ages!! I probably will be hashing it out tomorrow night.. :)

Ben said...

Haha, good. I think I'll join you! At the rehearsal, we can be crowded in our own little corner, busily scribbling like students during the 1-minute-left exam call.

Anonymous said...

Make the groom cry at his wedding.

Ben said...

Well, I wrote the speech the morning of, scribbling onto a notepad while at the church an hour early, and finished it off about 30 minutes before the ceremony was to start. And even at that point, the groom hadn't started his -- he had been completely relaxed (and uncommonly eerily so) throughout the day.

I went downstairs to get some things, and came back up to the hotel room to find him suddenly hunched over the desk, pen to pad by a small dim desklamp, frantically scratching like it was a final exam, hahaha.

I didn't deliver as fun a speech as the charismatic groomsmen's podium performance, and I didn't make the groom cry, but in my defense, I did give him a LEGO Techniks bulldozer on stage. (It was an extension of Pastor Steve's great analogy between LEGO and their marriage. It was fantastic, and I love LEGO.)