My last 15 hours, compiled into 15 easy steps.

- I miss North America.
- Tons of pressure from work yesterday, and employee morale is slightly lowering from the stress.
- Only got a half-ass workout, and nothing else was on the cardio TV except Gothika.
- Got home to find I left my A/C on all day. Again.
- Received an email I didn't like, which threw my mood off.
- Was tired and nodding off, but I had to do laundry (first load since coming back from my trip).
- I was short $35NT ($1.10US) from getting another stamp (collect X to get a free Y) at the supermarket.
- The dryer didn't dry my clothes completely, but I left my laundry card upstairs.
- My clothesline bar (affixed about 2m up above the doorway in my apartment) fell when I hung my moist shirts on it.
- Had to lay all my moist undies and socks all over the couch to dry, leaving me nowhere to sit.
- The cable TV signal just up and died on me. (This morning, it miraculously came back, so I was able to enjoy CNN over cereal.)
- Proudly wearing Uppercut's new Frank "B" pants (in Almond) today, but it's slightly raining outside. (Still awesome, though. I love these pants.)
- Almost stepped on my apple while riding my scooter. (Still good, though.)
- Last to leave work last night, first in this morning.
- Another day of work work work.

What does today have in store for me, do you think?


ceaz said...

A nice hot bubble bath? Did I guess right?!

Van said...

hmmm getting shamelessly wasted? Did I guess right?

hougee said...

table number 7!!!! :P

Ben said...

You guys are all right: I was thinking about getting shamelessly wasted, and then having a nice, hot bubble bath with some of the occupants of table number 7.

So, yay, you all win a prize! Call 1-976-PRIZE-ME for instructions on how to get your gift; if you hear my voice message, just listen to all 10 minutes of it, and hold until I pick up. :-)

Kevin said...

Well, considering those are all fairly minor, I wouldn't worry about it. Ben ___'s Series of Unfortunately Events. Happens to everyone from time to time. I wouldn't let it bother me for more than 1 day.

Alright, tell you what... we'll down a few bottles together tomorrow, share a bubble bath, and sit at table 7 of some restaurant. Feel better already, right?

Rose said...

Ben, you should go find yourself a hottie.. or shamelessly flirt with someone, do it, do it, do it!! oh, and put some alcohol in you beforehand, keehee...