That's a Wrap

A good wrap. I'm dying for a good wrap with salad and some meats. Healthy food. Please. But where? There are none in Taiwan that I could find so far, but I heard there's a new Californian wrap place in the Shinkong Mitsukoshi A4 building. So where are your favourite places for wraps in your area?


head dump said...

'common Ben, make your own wrap Atkin Style, since i'm not sure if you can find a Tortilla wrap in Taiwan. Add some fried rice some BBQ pork, some hoisen sauce and you've got an Asian wrap. yum. Let me know how it turns out.

KT said...

i find the most important part about making a wrap at home is the pre heating of the tortilla. I wet it down; place in microwave for 15 sec; flip 15 sec again; repeat, reducing each time by 5 sec until excess moisture is gone but tortilla is soft, malleable and will be slightly chewy. You can use the last heat cycle to place cheese or to warm up the meat. roll and enjoy.

Ben said...

So ... what are your favourite wrap places around where you live?

I used to love World Wrapps -- me and M would line up for movie tickets at the AMC Mercado, then grab wraps there, and bring them into the theatre to eat. :-) Yum.

In Vancouver, Wrappanini (around West 4th somewhere by Burrard) was a neat place too, but I didn't go that often.

I used to make wraps at home by buying Costco roasted chicken, carving it up, adding Costco-sized spring salad, and drizzling some sweet balsamic vinegar (SPARINGLY) over top. Or taking the chicken and stirfrying quickly with pesto, and then in with lettuce and such. Double yum.

I too use the wet tortilla idea, but I lay the tortilla between two damp paper towels on a plate, then heat for about 15 seconds. That way, the tortilla doesn't get wet itself, but rather gets the steam treatment from its happy damp neighbours. :-)