What does it mean to be considered "like family"? It is usually considered an honour to be welcomed into a new family. But does it also manifest itself in assumptions (as in the "boyfriend/girlfriend" idea) that you are implicitly available to them for things they need? Or that they trust you with more responsibilities upon which their lives rely, with more favours they know you can pull through for them? After all, being a family member means you need to pull your own weight to help the family; it's the "good of the group" over yourself, and you should be expected to contribute your fair share. As exhibited by many adolescents, families can become somewhat of a "burden" when one loses the sight of why they're in that family.

What does being in a new family mean to you? I have gathered a new "family" since moving down here; I gladly help them whenever I can, and we support each other in workouts/talks and spend time together doing various things. I would say they're "like family" to me, and I look forward to being to adopt more.

(This is an unorganized thought, jot down quickly to preserve the train.)

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