Being healthy is not just a commitment to working out, nor to a diet; it's a commitment to a certain lifestyle and mindset. The more I read about the latest nutritional findings or the latest dietary supplements, the more it's clear that EVERYTHING good for you is important and vital to your bodily functions. Each article by itself touts a certain mineral / vitamin / chemical / compound / substance as being important, and how the current American diet -- Americans generally eat sh!t for food because of "how busy they are" -- falls drastically short of those RDI's. When you take a big step back and look at all the findings together, you realize that there are really just a few main things they tell you.

Eat right: nice, balanced meals.
Drink lots: water, water, water.
Exercise: often, but vary it.
Sleep: enough each night.

Sure, some of us have crazy-high metabolic rates that make us all jealous, but most of us need to keep things in check. And for some reason, people just don't seem to get that idea right. Instead, they're looking for the fabled holy grail of a "diet pill" or the ultimate ephedra-free, side-effect-free weight management program that will boost them into looking great without doing the time! What's up with that?

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