Ring Around the Collar

I'll start off by saying I've had a crazy week. Crazy busy, crazy rushed, crazy crazy. I'm completely fried now, and I haven't been sleeping well lately either. Plus, this week has been completely devoid of gym activity.

Anyway, I want to talk about the sweat of the neck. Us men, with our dress shirts and fancy ties, get a lot of friction over the course of a day, in and around the neck/collar area. This means that a just-dry-cleaned-and-pressed dress shirt can go from plastic-covered freshness to must-be-drycleaned-again in as little as a few hours. Worse yet, even after washing sometimes, not all of the neck-rub can be washed out.

True, the shirt has been cleaned and it's not like it's really still dirty or anything. True, it never gets seen by anyone else except you when you put it on (or take it off), but still.

How do you combat this? I've heard of spraying 3M FabricGuard on it so that it won't get stained/dirty as easily, but aside from that (which I haven't tried yet) I'm not sure what to do about it.


Princess Taj said...

I don't have any suggestions on how to get the stain out of the shirt, but I do have a suggestion on how to keep the sweat off the neck.

In hot weather, women tend to get a little triangle of sweat that forms between the breasts - if not careful, this sweat can cling, and seep thru our shirts allowing everyone to know that we're experiencing that triangle boob sweat thingy.

In order to combat that, I rub a little bit of baby powder on the area in order to absorb (adsorb whatever)the beads of sweat before they hightail it to my shirt.

Maybe the same could work for your neck - rub a little baby powder on the back of your neck, and it could quite possibly create a barrier between your neck and your shirt.

Just a thought.

Ben said...

Interesting solution. But a Friends episode I recall (involving Ross and leather pants during a date) seemed to create a pasty substance. That doesn't happen with your Bermuda Triangle?

Princess Taj said...

OOooohhh Ben,
The reason why a pasty substance was created was b/c Ross mixed powder with lotion in an attempt to get the leather pants back up his legs.

Powder won't form a paste when joined with sweat.....lotion, on the other hand, would absolutely make a mess :)