Good for You, But Tastes Gross

Protein bars. They're good for you, if you know how to properly supplement your diet with them. So why do they always make them in such rich-like flavours? Chocolate and peanut butter, chocolate fudge, caramel peanut, ... even the strawberry yogurt Zone Perfect bar is sickly sweet-tasting. I mean, they're rich and sweet flavours, but in a really-fake, totally-overdoing-it kind of way.

Okay, I mean, so you eat a protein bar. You know you're doing it for your health, so can't we accept that the bar isn't going to taste that great? Why can't they just make a bar that is healthy, low-carb, protein-rich (so far so day) and have a flavour that isn't so sweet?

We can probably accept a medium-tasting flavour and chalk it up to no-added-crap-in-this-bar. After all, if you were going for taste, you'd probably just as eagerly pick up a Coffee Crisp or a Three Musketeers (or whatever your fancy). So why make the bar try to mimic the ultimate sweets indulgence??

Sidenote: someone on this floor -- possibly from my company or our neighbouring one -- has sh!t that smells like barnyard manuer. You know, that horsesh!t or cow sh!t smell? It's different from people poo. That guy needs medical attention.


Kevin Cheng said...

i like that the cow manure smell is in the same post as the chocolate fudge power bar topic. that's all i have to say.

Ben said...

Well, the main and sub topics are somewhat related: I mean, they're both about taste, right?

Anonymous said...

Whenever you find that guy, tell him to stop eating so much hay/grass, and start eating more human-type foods :-)


Rose said...

I like the Powerbar Vanilla crisp flavor, it's not too sweet. Their chocolate one isn't bad either.

Ewwwwww.... my reaction to your 2nd topic.

Princess Taj said...

HAHAHA, manure smelling poo! That's hysterical!!!