Just Shapes

After nearly two weeks off the gym routine, I managed to wobble into California Fitness yesterday afternoon. (Almost didn't make it too, since there were too many shops along the way, and I'd decided to walk it instead of bus/scooter straight to the gym.)

I have a grey Nike Dri-FIT shirt that I really like. The materials is soft, the fit is good, and its weight drapes decently on me; but since it's still synthetic, it occassionally suffers from static cling. I put it on yesterday and felt like it was holding tightly against me in the midsection and back. I hate that feeling, especially when it's not supposed to cling! In between sets, I kept tugging at it, rubbing it with my hand, hoping to disperse the static charge so that it would once again drape nicely.

And it wasn't until maybe half an hour into the workout that I realized it wasn't clinging into me because of static at all. No, instead, it was me: in the two weeks of eating badly and not working out, I had grown out and my love handles were pushing out into the shirt.

I was so depressed I could eat a tub of creamy delicious Häagen-Dazs. But I won't. Because dammit, I'm going to win this fight.

Sidenote I: I learned some new terms from Tokyo Girl (her link is on the right somewhere) today: camel toe, muffin top, and whale tail. Admittedly, I knew camel toe before, and have been unfortunate enough to have seen one firsthand. And admittedly, I knew "whale tail" as "peeking G", and I still enjoy seeing those sometimes.

Sidenote II: My betelnut is healing very nicely; thanks to those of you who were rather concerned for my well-being and future ability to father children. However, the sensation every bump I go over on the scooter seems to be magnified. And not in a good way.


Kevin said...

Alright, now I'm a little pissed. What you blog about, that's your business... but if you ever post my picture online again...

Ben said...

Yeah, sorry about that. I know it was crossing the line to draw circles around your problem areas. Oh, now that I'm looking at the picture again, and summer's around the corner, please return my Speedos.

Van said...

and don't forget gunt - it's the gut + c*nt combination also known as frontal ass.

Ben said...

To add to this entry, I wore my yellow basketball DriFIT yesterday, and it clung to me again. But I confirmed that this time it was static. Hell, it better be, since that shirt is a little loose to start with!

But my khakis are damned snug. Dammit.