Navel Gazing

Today is a little bit like chemistry lab class: I would like to propose a small experiment, and then a question following it. So let's get on with it, then!

Experiment: Self-examination
Duration: a few seconds
Materials needed: none

1. Look down, towards your belly. (Do not use a mirror or other optical device, except corrective lenses.)
2. While looking down, turn your gaze upwards on yourself: look at your chest, look at the top of your chest, and as far up your own neck as possible.
3. Hold it there, and observe.

1. Why do we always make that face? Explain.

Why do we make that face? The one where you extend your jaw down, stretching your mouth (usually while keeping it closed), giving you the look of a Grinch-esque frown? It's almost like we naturally try to stretch the nose/mouth down and out of the way to get a better look. Like that really helps.

Anyway, interested to hear your theories.


Anonymous said...

Wow...never even noticed I made that face. Huh. Interesting.....

elaine said...

it's like when women (or some men?) put on mascaras, 99% of the time we have our mouths open. Now mascara is a kind of make up that you put on your lashes, I don't know how opening the mouth would help, but we do that.

Kevin said...

The same goes with putting in contacts. But I think opening my mouth stretches my face longer, allowing my eyes to open more.

Actually, when I did the experiment, I kept the lower half of my mouth fairly normal. Maybe because I read the question before I did the experiment. Years of schooling taught me that you should know what you're looking for before you start looking.

Ben said...

Oh oh, I have another follow-up experiment!

1. Look down as before, with the frown / mouth-gape as before.
2. Now, while looking, open and close your jaw.

Did you notice that when you open your jaw (even if you keep your lips sealed), it actually pulls your cheek skin down, giving you that extra few millimeters of viewing angle?

But did you notice that if you were to keep your jaw closed, your neck can actually bend a little further down, also giving you more viewing angle?

I found that by keeping my jaw shut, I could see further. Yes, try this at home, kids!