It's all in the name

Okay, so a scooter is not the coolest of transportation modes. And it doesn't lend its rider the coolest of looks. But that doesn't mean we can't try to salvage some pride, right? Loosely transcribed, a conversation with my overly-supportive friend C:

b: I hate scootering in the rain.
c: that sounds so manly... "scootering"
b: I think it sounds better than "mopeding". Moped. Scooter. Moped. Scooter. Yeah.

So I've resorted now to calling it my bike or a scooter, but I avoid moped and vespa like the plague. Never mind that my Finnish friend (who actually had a motorbike in Finland) keeps correcting me that I don't actually have a bike. And I haven't yet gotten to naming my scooter yet, like my brother has, though I have considered calling it "my b!tch".


Emily, Queen of Animals said...

How old are you? I think anyone under 15 is fine with scooters. Adults, which I suggest you are, are not cool with scooteres. Visit a dumb blog to post comments, good or bad at

Emily, Queen of Animals said...

emily queen of blah says its instead

Ben said...

Hello, Emily, and thanks for commenting on my blog. Thank you also for asserting that in my old age, I shouldn't be travelling around the city with the mode of transportation that I have. I think I have to crawl under a rock and sob now, because I've basically been told off by an 8-year-old.

Plus, I don't know if you would want to read my blog, because sometimes we talk about stupid things, stupid adult things. Including poo. :-)