That Itch

Between 6-9 months after moving to a new place, I get an itch to move again. I start feeling like things are getting too smooth, too mundane, too routine. And then I either have a reminiscent lingering for where I moved from, or I have that hankering to move somewhere new.

I think it's that time again.

I think it's the excitement of moving to a new abode and stirring up my life a bit. One thing is, I don't see moving as big a deal as a lot of other people do. maybe it's because I don't have as much stuff. Or maybe it's the ultimate cleanup opportunity (also known as my "keep-it-chuck-it" decision tree).

I also think it's this inability to settle with any one thing and stick with it. Perhaps a symptom of having adult ADD? Or maybe it's just this constant nagging in my head that my life should never be stagnant, that maybe I'm programmed somehow to never accept being happy where I am, but that I should always be working towards something.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm destined never to be satisfied with what I have. What a pathetic existence that would be.


Mike said...

I know exactly what you mean.. except I get that with companies. Even within one company, I need a constant change. I've been in three different teams and roles in the past year. I crave change...

Rich and Angel said...

It could be worse. You could be satisfied with what you have and never change. But you'd be happy.

Ben said...

I think I'd rather be ignorantly happy. (I'm just missing the latter part, I'm sure many of you would be quick to point out.)

I wonder how I could shed these worldly material desires and find myself the bliss of a simple life? A simple life with nicely designed tech products. :-)