The End is Near

I am in Cambodia. Have been since last Friday, starting with a crazy morning flight (7am), and will be until this Friday evening. Sorry for not posting an Out-of-Blogger away message, but last week was just too busy, and this week was without time to sit around logged on.

Sohm toh!

(That means "sorry" in Khmer. Funny that I can say "thank you", "sorry", "three", and "too expensive" and a handful of other Khmer words/phrases, but "hello" is not amongst them.)

I will say that internet cafe access in Cambodia's cities is neither sparse nor expensive. I will also say that while on vacation this week, it has been surprisingly easy to switch off my mobile phone, abandon email, and I have had no urge to really spend any/much time online.

That means that for you, my faithful readers who have been wondering where I've fallen off the earth to, look for a post soon. I may have given up the net life for a week, but I'm looking to get addicted again!


Momcy said...

Hope you'll find a nice girl over there to bring home with!

Rose said...

thought something happened to you BenBen!! glad you're ok...have fun!

Princess Taj said...

Oh thank the dear lord - was getting a little nervous about your whereabouts. Thought maybe you drove yourself insane trying to get every last drop of toothpaste from the toothpaste tube.


Ben said...

Just got back from Cambodia about an hour ago. Didn't bring any girls back with us (except the ones who went with us anyhow), and the girls got upgraded to business class while me and my brother sat back in cargo. Tired, and we have about 3GB of photos to weed through as well.

Took the best shower I've had in 8 days; felt like Heaven! And tomorrow I think I need to get some kind of deep-cleaning facial to wash the Cambodia out.

hougee said...

sounds like fun.. :D post pix soon!!!

Nk said...

"K'nyoum ch'mou..." (My name is...)
"Ao guon." (Thank you.)

That's basically the extent of my Khmer. But I can say them without hesitation now! =P

With 32 consonents and 8 vowels, plus accents over or under, it's too much work to learn Khmer....