Spirit of Christmas Past

After the holiday season is come and gone, my Christmas tree and decorations seem to stay up for a lot longer than they should.

My sister tells me you're supposed to take your Christmas stuff down by January 5, the end of Christmas. I can tell you right now, my decorations have never made it down by then: the climactic joy of Christmas comes and goes, and my tree remains as is in its fully adorned splendor. And this year, I only repacked the holiday goodness last weekend because we're already on the crest of the lunar new year.

So, how long do you keep yours up after the climax?


Momcy said...

Through them away and buy new one next year! That's what I'll do!

S said...

Once we had our Christmas tree up for over 2 years before it came down. =)

Ben said...

Wow. I think you just won the record, hands down.