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Okay, there's a topic on my mind that I think really merits an explanation and, if necessary, an open discussion. I had re-sent my photo albums link to several friends (they seem to keep losing it), and four of them all responded with the same immediate question:

"What happened to your hair??"

This is usually followed by the statement that I must have grown it longer, and now it's just flattened.

Let me explain again to you that I scooter around town. Just about everywhere. I hate waiting for the bus, and taxis are kind of expensive to/from the outskirts of town where I live. It pretty much takes 20 minutes to anywhere I need to get to, so that's 20 minutes of heat and compression with my helmet on my head. Think of it as a 20-minute perm for flattening my hair against my head. Just about everywhere I go.

So what's the point of really fixing my hair? No matter what I do with it, after a ride to my destination, it's got a fresh new flat-perm on it again! A while back, I guess I stopped bothering to do my hair. Now, I just try to keep the hair shorter so that the flattening isn't as obvious, or I bring a small canister of pomade or hair wax with me to do last-minute touch-ups.

Okay? That's why. Thanks for understanding.

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Mike said...

Hehe.. well.. just that we are thinking that you might be changing the hair style for various reasons and want to know it too..

As I recall, when I was trying to grow my hair out, many (including you) asked me about it. Think of this as a payback.. :)