I've been working pretty hard getting my photos uploaded to Flickr lately, catching up on having photos up so my friends (and others) can share in the views I've seen. Generally, I've noticed three trends in my pictures: people having fun (clubbing or whatever), scenery (vacation pictures), and close-ups of the food I make/eat.

But apparently, some people have taken a liking to some of my pictures: on one recent day, one of my photos made it in the top three of Flickr's Explore page! Several are also climbing up in view counts, which is fantastic validation from the photo-taking community!

Flickr is now my new Friendster. I've already been indirectly responsible for 5 or 6 of my friends joining; I should get a commission for it! (Of course, 10% commission times $0 per free account ... is ... carry the four ... um ...)

Anyway, just wanted to say that now I'm officially a Flickr whore.


head dump said...

Yes, thanks to you I'm a flickr too.

Van said...

which photo was it?

Ben said...

I took a picture of some delicious Taiwanese food some time ago, but only posted it recently. Are you already on my contacts??