Question 21.

"Life is about waiting."

Give an example. 250 words maximum, 5 points.


S said...

Something interesting I heard:

You can fairly reliably predict how successful a child will be when they grow up by conducting a small experiment.

Place a cookie, marshmallow, Hershey's Kiss or some kind of small treat on the table in front of the child. Tell him that he can either eat it or save it. If he eats it, then there will be no more, but if he waits until you come back in 10 minutes, he can have 5 of them.

The ones who can wait are the ones who will more likely be successful in life.

-- 98 words.

Rich and Angel said...

Considering that works out to be an annualized 21,024,000% return on invested candy I would do it too.

The really successful child will come back in 10 minutes, take delivery of 5 pieces of candy and ask if he'll get 25 back if he waits another 10 minutes.

--48 words

Ben said...

Wait, are we talkin about future-successful children, or about children who will more easily become obese or who will develop diabetes or have rotting teeth?

Anyway, I came up with two views on this.

1. If things came too easily, we would value them less than if they were the awaited result of some effort input. Though it's not actually idle waiting for it to come/happen, there is still the wait time that transpires. (39 words.)

2. You can't escape it: you have to wait. Banks, DMV, supermarkets, toll booths, nightclub lines, even online ordering takes shipping time. Life isn't about it in that waiting is the point of life; life is about waiting only because waiting takes up so much of it. (46 words.)

Extra note: my word count is based on Microsoft Words' word count.

Rich and Angel said...

Taking a more theoretical approach, there are three types of "value." Value as determined by acquisition cost, intrinsic value and market value.

The winner has an acquisition cost < intrinsic value < market value.

Just because something takes less effort to acquire doesn't necessarily mean it should be valued any less. It wouldn't be a rational thing to do.

--57 words

Ben said...

It's the restaurants where you never have to wait for a table that are the scary ones; the ones with the line-up usually have a line-up for a reason.

- 29 words