Peace Unto You

It's been a hectic week -- three client meetings a day, every day, scattered across this county, and then playing host to my three visiting colleagues -- and it ain't even over yet. I need some rest.

But let's imagine to another time, a funner simpler time. When are you most at peace in mind, body, and soul? Is it when you are doing something, some activity? Is it a certain time of the day/night? Or when life is crazy like it is for me this week, what do you do to get yourself to that "happy place"?


Rich and Angel said...

I was planning on going to Hong Kong Disneyland. Wanna come?

Ben said...

While I'm sure we all recognize Disneyland as "the happiest place on Earth", I was looking for more a mental state of happiness than at a physical place. Mostly because everytime I need that happy place, I can't be running to the nearest $40/day amusement park to get my jollies back.

In Taiwan, I haven't yet found a place that just gives me peace with life, the universe, and everything. My apartment is usually messy, so that removes it pretty much from the list. I have no bathtub, so baths in general are out too. Outside is generally too hot (though now the weather is getting more manageable). Malls are filled with the hustle and bustle of wandering people looking for the materialistic fill in their own lives, so that's practically counterproductive.

Maybe the happy place is a scooter ride through some area, or maybe that nearby lake park. Dunno yet.