Adult Male Deer

I come to you, asking for help. Here's my question:

What kind of a stag party should I arrange?

It's in Vancouver, mid-October. The request from Mr. Groom is to keep it clean; we're not the type who enjoy strippers anyway. (Honest. They don't necessarily like it, and they're not into you; it's their job.) Instead, it's just us guys hanging out together again, so I'm thinking it should be a very MEN kind of day. Steak dinner, then sipping brandy (or whatever your choosing) and smoking cigars, talking shop while sitting in big fat leather armchairs. But before that, what shall we do during the day??

[ Sidenote. Today at lunch: filling BBQ pork with rice and 3 sides for $75 NT ... and then Starbucks macha tea frapuccino for $130NT. That's messed up. ]


hougee said...

keep it clean eh... strippers aren't dirty.. :P
i say we have a bbq eat lotsa meat... drink lotsa beer... dress him up and show him off around town and drink some more beer :)

Ben said...

Oh, I think we can convince him to grant us the use of his new apartment during that day/night. I'm sure he won't mind, and I don't expect that I'll be able to drive either, so I can crash there. Hahaha ...

Is October warm enough to do a BBQ? How should we dress the poor guy up?

(I have to keep in mind that obviously I will be getting married some time in the future, after this stag. So revenge is a possible consequence.)

Anonymous said...

ATV! Guys who hang out together should ride together. ;)

My brother in law and his buddies had a stag party in Vegas. One of their day time activities was to ride all terrain vehicles.

Perhaps a similar sport, if not that one, would be a nice 'MEN' kind of day. :)

- aliasa

3m said...

Golf... cuz drinking then driving golf carts is real fun ;^)

Mike said...

We can do a BBQ. That's not a bad idea.. and my apartment patio can fit about 5.. :P

I don't expect any of you guys to be able to drive at the end of the night so we can end the day at my place.

I'm not too crazy about getting dressed up and yup, I have a very good memory and very much into the "what goes around comes around 10 fold".. watch out who ever gets married latest.

But in all seriousness, I really would love to hang with the guys and just have a super relaxing day because I know I won't have too many chances for those in October.. and after October..

Anonymous said...

I think a classy man thing to do is skeet shooting (i have no idea if that's really the name. but you know the thing with the clay pigeon and guns). Or how about going back to childhood and playing touch football in the park and then hanging out over pizza and beers. That would be a nice contrast to the classy evening of steak and brandy. - KT

Ben said...

ATV sounds cool! But I'm not sure where in Vancouver we'd be able to find that. Between that and skeet shooting, both sound pretty fun ... except that the clay pigeons will probably mostly remain intact (or only break upon hitting the ground).

I like the BBQ idea; we can buy pre-marinated meats from a Korean supermarket so that lessens the necessary prep time. Probably need to start not too late (ie. 4pm) because it's better when the sun is still kind of up.

And after the BBQ, we still have time to head out somewhere quick before stumbling back to the apartment. If not a nightclub -- who the hell wants to go clubbing with a pack of guys -- then where?

As for dressing him up, we can talk about that offline. Mike doesn't need to know in advance. ;-)

Clarence said...

A STAG is not a STAG without adult entertainment. :) Golf is the obvious one if you want to keep it clean in the day time. Paintball, rent an exotic car and go drive it around a track, go karting, ...