Heal, Boy, Heal

A visit to the local hospital (三軍總醫院) yesterday landed me some more drugs, and I bought some extra supplies: gauze, antibiotic-soaked non-stick gauze, elastic "fishnet" sleeves, some red medicine (優碘).

Another uncomfortable night of sleeping on my front, and waking up unable to get out of bed without considerable pain on each of my wounds. But each day, I get by with less and less dressing, and I think I'm actually healing now. Been reading a bit about scrapes, and I'm hoping this black area on my left elbow isn't an infection. Wounds are starting to solidify, and as they dry, they're shrinking. I think this is a good thing, as far as recovery goes, but sure hurts like the devil when they're tightening my range of motion and gripping on the gauze (that supposedly I leave in and will dissolve or fall off when I'm all healed).

On TV, I've seen clips of heroes getting scraped and cut while saving the day -- think "Die Hard", "Lethal Weapon", etc -- and suddenly I feel bad for them for after they have to nurse all those injuries. Even the flesh wounds must be incredibly painful.


hougee said...

holy .. sorry to hear what happened.. glad it wasn't too bad of an accident.. get well soon.

3m said...

Considering things could have been much worse, good to hear that you are in one piece. Like HG said, get well soon.

Rich and Angel said...

Yikes! I hope your injuries heal quickly. I didn't realize it was that serious. Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. I'm glad to hear you are all right. Hope your wounds heal quickly.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

- aliasa

Ben said...

Thanks to everyone for your wishes and thoughts; it means a lot to me, both from my close friends and my close virtual friends (whom I've never met in person).

I will try hard not to saturate my posts with stories about this silly little mishap, but it is the most "exciting" thing happening currently (for me).

Just an update: scooter fixing (new mirror, new corner light casing) was $600 NT (under $20 USD), and then more supplies for care of the patient (me) was about $900 NT (under $30 USD). Need to contact the other guy's insurance company to get payback for the hospital fees and costs (so far about $50 USD total).

And now, back to your regularly scheduled blog programming.

Van said...

holy shit that's scary! My uncle broke his arm falling off a scooter in Burnaby when the train tracks or man hole covers or something slick were wet. be careful and get well soon!!

miscmusings said...

glad to hear you're ok. miss ya!

Nk said...

Hope the scars aren't too bad!

Ben said...

Hospital doctors are useless. And corrupt too, I think. The doctor told me that I don't need anything -- no 人造皮 (artificial skinfor after healing), no 防菌膏 (antibiotic gel), nothing -- just time. And that the dark spots weren't infected.

Then he messily put that red iodine stuff (優碘) on me while my shirt was still on and quickly sent me on my way, leaving the office. With an invoice that said he did a lot more than he actually did -- it said he used up some gauze and whatever, when he didn't at all. I mean, same cost to me, but that's a little underhanded, huh??

So the doctor took off and left me in the room alone, and the nurse came back and found me all by myself, not really sure what I was waiting for. So she let me scam a bag of medical cotton swabs from the office. Heh.

And my shirt has some stains on it from the iodine -- I think it might be hard to wash out, if it's possible at all.