My Live Progress Bar

As my scabs form fully to cover the open wounds (ie. no more plasm clinging to the bandage), I'm able to cut away more and more of the white bandages. It's like icebergs melting away on my arm. Gives me a sense of daily healing progress, like my body is accomplishing something. :-)

Helps also that the minor scabs are coming off nicely, revealing the fresh new skin underneath -- the kind of skin that shows new growth, and that those beauty products seem to want you to feel like you have (though without the horrific accident to cause it).

But whenever there's a slight breeze across me (like air conditioning), whenever my skin tightens (or goosebumps), or whenever I flex the arms in a certain way, my scars hurt. It's like Voldemort is in the vicinity or something. Weird.

And what is it about scabs that just make you wanna ...

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Momcy said...

Ben, get rid of that scooter and get a Mini. Anything is better and more protection than the scooter. Do your parents know what happen to you!?