Taiwanese News

I'll say this much: Taiwanese TV news sucks.

It's like watching tabloids about current events. Big attention-grabbing fonts and letters on every screen cut, and not like CNN ticker-style informative type either -- it's like the kind you see when people are first playing around with colours and fonts on their word processor or something. And then you get the orchestral hit samples (like in Windows) to give emphasis on "shocking news", but done in a super cheap low-budget production kind of way.

And heck, the stories they cover. They're all depressing and/or alarmist news (as if the world is about to end in a horrible way) or it's largely insignificant or unimportant to the general population (like some old lady in a little town somewhere had a flood in her basement and lost her collection of puppets or something). With all of these, they seek the most useless opinions from the most under-educated people, and then represent them as if they were the norm/popular expression.

Please. And this is how the general population gets their current events??

We can talk about camera work too. Those damned cameramen spend a lot of time shooting scenes of people crying, or some part of their body that is really uninteresting (like their hands) that perhaps one might watch if one were listening to them in person to infer more (like if they were rubbing their hands together while talking). They always seem to focus on something you'd find rather irrelevant, like if you were actually on-site, but suddenly lost interest or let your mind wander. Imagine all that, with the camera stability of the Blair Witch Project or some W5 hidden-camera expose.

Taiwanese news sucks. It's no wonder I keep the TV on in the channel 65-76 range (and #5 for CNN).


Rich and Angel said...

I'm thinking that if you had a decent amount of start up capital, you could start up your own news company and be a leader in presenting real, meaningful news.

Mind you, it could also be that Taiwanese people don't want meaningful news, hence the popularity of what you see.

Kevin said...

I can't believe you missed the biggest source of news stories. Here in Taiwan, there doesn't seem to be any line between NEWS news and ENTERTAINMENT news. In fact, it's one and the same. People busy themselves with keeping up to date with the on-goings of models and such. The amount of NEWS coverage Taiwan's top model Lin Chi Ling gets is relentless. She went to U of T, by the way.

And speaking of camera shots, I don't know how many times on the news I've seen a story about some model or some woman who is attractive (the news would be about how some 40 year old still looks really beautiful, or how some woman has huge breasts), and the camera is square on either her ass or her breasts. This kind of camera work would be crazily scrutinized in N.A. I wanted to post a blog about this... guess I won't now. At least, not for now.

Rich and Angel said...

Kevin. WHAT CHANNEL?????

Kevin said...

Unfortunately, EVERY frickin' news channel (in my opinion).

Ben said...

Rich'n, basically do this:

- take Hollywood Access, Entertainment Tonight, and Extra Extra, and roll them into one
- hire Star, Enquirer, and the Globe reporters
- add Blair Witch camera effects
- put ticker tape headlines with other useless news
- interview undereducated people

... and there you have it. When you come to Asia, you'll see.

Rich and Angel said...

Kev & Ben,

But is it such a bad thing to see an attractive woman on every channel? =) I suppose that could get old and boring after a while.

Rich and Angel said...

BTW Ben, I have a telephone interview with a Singapore recruiter later this week. I'll let you know how that goes. I'm one step closer to inviting you to my new pad in Singapore.