Frolicking. Remember how, when you were a kid, you used to frolick? I LOVED frolicking! It was the absolute best, especially in the summer sun, sprinkler on or no.

That freedom, that sheer freedom, of frolicking without a care in the world. Never minding which way the wind blew, which angle the sun shone from, where the waves were lapping. Frolicking was the joyous outburst of pure bliss, the epitome of carefree expression.

But it's a sad fact: I haven't frolicked for quite some time now. I'm really gettin' the itch, if you know what I mean, for a real good frolicking. Maybe after the rains have stopped, I shall.


Anonymous said...

hmm.. i guess no one frolicks any more.. sadly neither do i.. it makes me sad tho - kt

Ben said...

The rain has been gone for a while, so perhaps this weekend is a good time for a reminiscent frolick. Now I just need to find a venue. You know, it's kind of a special moment, so I want to make sure it's "just right".

Oh, wait. Does frolicking necessarily mean frolicking naked??

Anonymous said...

at our age, you look a lot less silly if you frolick with a girl. a dude frolicking down the street by himself is just scary.