Head for the Hills!

Lunch was at the Yokohama Sky building, home of the world's second largest Sogo. But we were up on the 28th floor, at El Torito -- nice to have mainstream Mexican food, since I've been off it for about 3 months now.

So here I am, chilling on the 49th floor of the prestigious Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. Were I opening up our Japanese office (as my ex-supervisor did), I would definitely have chosen this location as well -- as a member (roughly 600 USD/mo), you get access to a set number of meeting room hours, unlimited workspace hours with WLAN, and refreshments in the fridge, nap room (which they called "meditation room"), lounge, library, everything. It's just so damned gorgeous in here, and the view from up here make the Tokyo Tower look pretty disappointing.

I just wish my camera battery hadn't died this morning, and that I hadn't left the charger back in the Tokyo hotel. Dammit, but maybe I can squeeze a few more shots out of it.


elaine said...

definitely check out the night view from the hills. you can see the lit-up tokyo tower from there. a few years back the tokyo tower was lit up in neon green for a week - for the promotion of (oh my, this is a good quiz question!) the movie The Matrix ;)

Momcy said...

I wish I have gone to Japan when cin was working there. It sounds so nice. Too late now! :(

Anonymous said...

Just be careful not to get squished in those revolving doors in the Mori Building - some child was actually killed by those doors!


Kevin said...

I'd hate to be on the 49th floor of a building in Japan during an earthquake.

Someone should invent a skyscaper that would hang from the sky and not touch the ground. And you'd have to get to the lobby by climbing a 2-story rope ladder. Now THAT's a building.

Ben said...

The Mori building makes you feel like an exec. Gorgeous wood workstations, designer chairs, and a wonderful interior symphony of stainless steel, glass, and wood. I likey.

I wonder how it would fare in an earthquake situation.

As for the hanging building idea, ... it's kind of like a treehouse that hangs from a super-huge tree, right? We can just plant a tree in Korea, and then grow it on genetically engineered plant food so that it leans over Japan. Then we can hang a building off it! Yay!

Hey, JON. You don't live here anymore, do you? If you did, we could meet up for a meal or something.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I don't live in Japan anymore - otherwise I'd show you around!