Drunky Drunk

Here's one: what kind of drunk are you? Some people get yappy, some get quiet, some get violent, but I think most become just more friendly.

Me, I get "happy" usually. Sometimes a little obnoxious, even sometimes very very mellow, it really depends on the environment that I'm in at the time. (For instance, getting a buzz in my house is different from being buzzed at the club.) But all in all, when I get some alcohol in me, I'm just usually very goofy and just generally happy.

There's a theory that your behaviour when you're drunk is based on what you perceive that drunk people "should" behave like. So in a way, it's a projection of the "proper drunk behaviour", enacted by you. What do you think, is this accurate?


Rich and Angel said...

Nope. I disagree. With a reasonable amount of alcohol in me, my face turns red and I get sleepy. I do not perceive drunk people to be sleepheads. With exceptionally large quantities of alcohol, my speech will be slurred and I will have trouble walking. I may say stupid incoherent things but this is not the result of consciously perceiving that I should be behaving like other drunk people.

A lot has to do with brain chemistry, the number of dopamine receptors you have, the amount of dopamine you have stored up and the amount of dopamine released and reabsorbed. People who have brains capable of being flooded with dopamine get addicted due to the highs experienced.

S said...

I'm a mostly happy drunk with a bit of weird thrown in =}

Aside from the constant uncontrollable laughing and giggling, I feel like running. I'll do laps around buildings, up and down 5 flights of stairs for HOURS on end. I have incredible endurance like I've never had sober.

I speak Mandarin when I'm drunk. To anyone. Whether they understand or not. No exceptions. Yes, my Caucasian ex-co-workers have probably told you that. =D

I can explain final exam answers in great detail that I didn't even get right on my paper itself. Oh, the INJUSTICE of it... >K{

But I haven't had a drink in years. The last drink was at my wedding when you guys "challenged" me with that big glass of Domaine de Chaberton White =)

Thoughts said...

I think to some extent when you're drunk...your true self comes out. It's basically giving you an excuse to be as stupid as you want with something else to blame.

Anonymous said...

I get HORNY!!!

Let's do it.

Girls gone wild. Bring it on.

Van said...

nope i think alcohol just exaggerates your true self.

Anonymous said...

hmm...my true self, well hard to say. But on a daily basis people know me as a big meanie. But when Im drunk, Im happy drunk...bring it on benster.

Kevin said...

I don't get drunk. At least I'll tell you that I'm not drunk. But even at that point, really, I'm just buzzed. I tend to get very conversational, and everything I say really does make sense... you'll just hear a whole lot more of it. I might get a wee bit unbalanced, but I have fun with it. I'm usually a chatty kind of drunkard, and I'll say stupid things and talk louder, just because I know I'm drunk -- and for some reason, I feel like it's acceptable. I actually have logical thinking at that time too.

Rose said...

I get happy when I'm drunk.. and very playful. I tend to flick water on people (so I've been told) and talk a lot. But that's just me.