Pimp My Flight

I've never been a big jetsetter, and still don't consider myself one, but China Airlines got it into their heads that I was worth one of their Dynaster Flyer Gold statuses. Hey, who am I to argue, right? It's really not a big deal. I mean, mostly the "added benefits" are really "reinstated services" -- they've just removed the restrictions on things that you should have gotten anyway.

Like, being able to get through the check-in line quickly. Instead of actually speeding up their check-in process, they just let me skip the line. Or, like increased weight allowances for baggage -- now I get 30kg for short flights instead of 20kg, big whoop. Before, they would hurry you through check-in, collect your boarding pass, your flight stub, some baggage tag scanner code slips, and then stuff it into your passport and off you go. Now, I noticed that they take the extra time to carefully arrange them in a cascading manner (so you can see every item in the bunch), all nicely aligned. Alright, because I'm so anal, I'm really appreciating that.

But most of all, I'm liking the pimp VIP lounge that I get to rest in, read papers in, watch HDTV in, have complimentary snacks and drinks in, and get internet access in. This way, I can enjoy a drink, rest up, and blog. Like now. Cheers!


Kevin said...

a couple of years ago, i had a voucher to hang out at the air canada lounge before heading to china... but my coworker i was travelling with didn't. so i opted to keep him company. dang... i should have just said "ok, see you on the flight!"

Ben said...

Yeah, you totally should have. I'm gonna hang out in the VIP lounge whenever I have a chance now. Maybe sometimes I'll just head over to the airport and chill there for no reason. Yeah.

hougee said...

make sure you take ur water, fruits and snacks for the road before you leave the lounge :)