Project Wheel Reinvention

You know when you need to overhaul your computer, you need to backup all your stuff, right? Contacts, calendars/appointments, email archives, bookmarks, documents, music, photos. Even stuff you never realized might be important, is. So you know when you back that all up, then you wipe out your machine, and being the completely-fresh reinstall process?

That is not the right time to realize that you didn't back up your stuff properly, and that now you have to revert to data that is between 1 and 4 months old. Dammit.


hougee said...

i thought it was simple with the mac? don't you just save everything in the folder and that was it?

Rich and Angel said...

why not ghost your machine just in case?

Ben said...

Yeah, it's simple with the Mac, but I confused myself with the wrong "Library" folder, which saves other things. The procedure for each set of data is mindnumbingly simple, but it turns out I'm even simpler than those instructions. So I grabbed the wrong folder of stuff.

Message to everyone: please Gmail me your current work/home/mobile contact information, including birthday and all that good stuff. (Thanks.)