Need Sleep

I need sleep. I need sleep, like right now. I'm so tired.

And yet, I'm not the only one. So many people I talk to -- friends, relatives, coworkers -- all seem to be perpetually tired. We all need to sleep more.

Why is that? Is it a problem with society, and from what in society? How we are living in it, or how much we feel we have to do in it? (I'm inclined to blame society, because I refuse to believe it's my fault that I'm always sleep-deprived.)


Momcy said...

Hey, when I told my doctor that I'm always tired and I can sleep standing up, she checked my blood pressure and said my blood pressure is Very Very low! She even puts me on pills!??

Nk said...

... I don't even know what to comment.

I blame my company. I blame myself, too.

But I am still the victim here!

Ce said...

It seems that even people who do get a lot of sleep are always tired. I almost always get 8hrs/night, but am tired a lot. And I believe I eat bablanced meals 85% of the time, so I don't think diet is the key contributor to my fatique.

lena said...

I usually stay up to watch TV cuz all the interesting shows usually start at 10, but I also blame God for not putting an OFF button on my brain because it seems like, even if I do get to bed at a reasonable hour, I lay there for, like, an hour thinking about random crap.

Van said...

just start your going to bed routine earlier. no blogging or surfing. it is worth giving up some stuff like that to get more sleep. you'll be in a better mood, more alert, more productive

Ben said...

Momcy, eat more pork legs and fatty beef -- seems to raise the blood pressures of many Taiwanese. Or, trying having a teenage daughter (again), because I've seen a lot of dads lose it just like that.

Ce, I wonder if it's our energy levels throughout the day that's causing the fatigue, rather than the "average" in a day. For instance, I'm trying to get back on my 5-meals-a-day routine (though breakfast is consistently elusive) so that I can have a steady stream of balanced food and energy. I wonder if that will help instead of the customary 3-square method.

Mag, Van ... so, what, I won't be as tired if I give up all the fun stuff and late nights? Then what will I do with all this new-found energy?