Clowns, all of them. At least, the ones who were transferred from other locations of my company to come work in Taiwan.

Whining all the time, taking little responsibility and nary a care of the real success of this location, it's like this new venture is a well-paid vacation for them with nothing to lose. Maybe it's because I have more of an interest in seeing this place work out, to see that it's profitable, to see that our company can compete in the Asian market.

The odds are stacked against us, so there's lots of external pressure hoping we will fail miserably. But with all this negativity and pessimistic attitude from inside, sometimes it feel like the enemy is really within.

I'm trying to stay positive, trying to stay the course, but I don't know how long I can withstand the pressure of fighting everyone, inside and out. Here's to thick-skinnedness, and persisting against the odds.

But I do have the blessing of being the only one here with wide-open communications between me and upper management in Europe; one director seems particularly pleased with me, and that's a positive sign. Let's leave it on that up-note.


Nk said...

I have to admit that I'm a little nervous. I mean, we're a keen company, and I'm afraid that your clowns won't be able to keep up. That'll leave you - and possibly me, too - with egg tart on our face.

hougee said...

just hang in there and do what u gotta do... after u get numb to all that pressure around u .. it'll all be a breeze :P

Ben said...

No worries. I'm going to go ruthless pretty soon, and it means drastic changes. I think I'll fire somebody just to teach them a lesson. :-)

Oh, crap. What's this? My pomade worse off, and now my hair going all pointy.

Rose said...

Poor Benben.. I hope there will be a changing of the tides soon for your sake. At least you're loving the food right?!

Ben said...

What, are you kidding? My days are filled with the search of healthy food in this high-carb, high-fat town. Going to spend this weekend fixing up my place, making measurements of the various room and shelf dimensions, and then finally buying my microwave and arranging my kitchen. Then at least I can look forward to a decent meal at home.