Body and Seoul

Recovery from last last night was not bad -- turns out you can beat a sujo hangover with more sujo, Korean beer (Cass and Cafri), and conversation until past midnight. We chilled in Agpujeong where we evidently were seated next to some Korean pop star. [shrug]

But today ... my feet took a beating today. Visited Kyongbukkung and Changdeokkung royal palaces, including the Huwon "secret garden". Wandered Insadong (arts and antiques shops) and Dongdaemun (fashion area) so far, and have been largely fruitless in my attempt to spend money. Will try harder because tonight (ie. now) is Itaewon (fake goods and foreigners land) and Hongdae (no idea what's there, but I have a feeling it's hip and girls are aplenty). Tonight's festivities are courtesy of a coworker who, quite frankly, seems more excited to go than I am.

SMRT is my friend. (I'm almost certain they didn't intend to spell "smart".) And I miss my New Balance sneaks -- well, my feet really do.


Kevin said...

Sigh, I love business travel. It doesn't matter how bad the WORK may be, because just being able to spend a little extra time in a new place is always fun. I miss those days. Damn, I gotta travel.

Anonymous said...

i cant wait to go to korea and see for myself what you are experiencing now. sighhh