New Fave

In the Bay Area, my living space was practically an IKEA showcase, almost like it came right out of the catalog. In Taiwan, my place already has the major furniture included with the apartment, so all I can do is change some of the accents and accessories -- interior decorating instead of real design.

Anyway, I found a new favourite place recently -- WORKING HOUSE -- which has IKEA-esque doodads, photo albums, coasters, glasses, pillows/cushions, etc. And the best part? There's a huge new store right beside the Costco and B&Q (Home Depot wanna-be) and RT-Mart (WALmart equivalent), not too far from my place. That general area is my new favourite spot for homespace shopping. :-)

Of course, there's always still MUJI, but their shadings are neutral/black/white rather than the vibrant colours and shapes at WORKING HOUSE.


S said...


Ah, _that's_ where my umbrella comes from. Neat! =)

heycarmel said...

I'm surprised they have COSTCO in Taiwan.

I like the lemon mouse from Working house...ha ha.