Aisle, Please

I remember a comment from a friend about a wedding once.

"We were seated at what seemed like a 'random people' table. I automatically assumed that we'd be seated with [our circle of friends] ... but I guess we're not cool enough."

In the world of seating arrangements, particularly at weddings, there are just some things you can't help. I mean, you have to try to please everyone, at the same time, in the same place.

Not every circle of friends sits nicely into 10 people. Not every table gets to be right in front. Not every table will be in the thick of the excitement. Not every seat gets a perfect view; heck, not every seat is even facing the right way for a view.

I mean, really, some seats just plain suck. You could be in that seat that is facing directly away from the stage/show. And there's one of those at every table; sometimes even two. But you could also be the one in that seat, shoved into the corner table in the back, right? Then compound that with facing the back wall, next to the bathroom or kitchen so that you have constant pedestrian traffic and noisy clinking of dishes in the backroom! You know, the one table that's behind the pillar, so you can't see what's going on: that's you. The sound system doesn't travel that far, of course, so you can't hear the speeches! (That might not be a bad thing.) Hell, feels like it's just you 10 people having your own little dinner.

But it gets worse.

It's not just you and 9 friends (or 1 date and 8 friends). It's you, your date, and 8 randomly selected winners. 8 people with whom you will find in the first 20 minutes that you have little or nothing in common with. Or worse yet, that your personalities clash in the worst way.

But as pessimistic as this all is, maybe you'll get lucky. Maybe you won't get invited at all, and you can spend that evening sitting at home in your underwear, chatting online with your other groups of friends.


Van said...

simon and i were assigned to a random table at a wedding in TO but it turned out to be the table with a lot of outgoing and funny personalities. we had a great time bitching about red bean soup and laughing about white photographers who tell Asians to open their eyes bigger. :P
doesn't Apple use "random is good" as their marketing for the Shuffle?

head dump said...

Random seating is fine with me at a wedding. But I do prefer to sit at the singles table please, if they still exist. Having happily married couples and to be married couples staring back at me.. wondering what handicap I possess to remain single is slightly painful when the bride and groom are getting teary eyed behind me.

Ce said...

Random seating + behind a pillar w/r/t viewing the head table means you were really screwed!

I would just leave in that case.

Momcy said...

Hey ce, long time no hear! I thought you disappear from the face of the earth!?! How's things? O, back to the subject, I do notice the Chinese are kind of edgy about the table seating? I really don't care. =)

Kevin said...

I wish I could relate. Since coming here to TW, most of my friends in relationships have decided to get engaged - so I'll be missing some 8 weddings. In this case, I'd prefer to attend with random seating than to not attend at all. Pooey.

Anonymous said...

is this about mike's wedding planning>?

Ben said...

This is really just about general wedding seating. I mean, when the queen has a dinner party, there's a dedicated guy who arranges where people sit so that they are seated with people they like, avoid the people with whom there's tension, and all that stuff. A dedicated guy who's just responsible for that.

I suppose for a wedding, you could seat it so that the tables have one or two spots not intended for people, so that nobody has their backs to the wedding party. Makes for better wedding photos anyhoo.

People often take invitations and seating to be an indication of your "worth" to the wedded couple, whether it be true or not. For instance, it could mean you're maybe lower on the list than someone who gets prime seating. If you don't mind, all the best to you; if you do though, maybe you should note it on your RSVP. ;-)