My Humble Abode

It was a nice morning ... sun brightens my room in the morning, without direct sunlight. Just the way I like it.

And it felt even better this morning than last night, because I knew the bathroom and kitchen had been disinfected (with bleach) by a cleaning crew last night. (They also disinfected my fridge and mopped the floors, and even cleaned my windows -- inside and outside -- but that's all icing.) 2 people for 2 hours: $1000TWD ($32USD/$41CAD).

Now, to get to the next steps:

- replace showerhead (to a non-nasty-looking old one)
- add an extra towel rack (next to the bathroom sink)
- buy a shower curtain (so my bathroom stays dry when I shower)
- create a ledge that keeps water in (like a fenced shower area)
- buy two pillows (memory foam or regular cotton fill?)
- have an internet connection installed (after my biz trips)
- buy microwave oven (so I can buy foods to re-heat later)
- buy hot water dispenser (to make instant noodles possible)
- get gas for the tabletop stove (to make other foods possible)
- get all-new towels for kitchen (instead of using someone else's)
- possibly replace old glass shelf (above the bathroom sink)
- clean the leather sofa (with the leather-cleaning wipes I found)

And then I'll slowly replace all the existing dishware with my own. I'll just feel better about it that way. I figure it will cost me about $12,000TWD to have this all said and done.

Most of these things I couldn't really ask of the landlord because they're my preferences. But I will probably ask her to foot for, say, 25% of the bill (for things that will be left behind). Let's see what happens.


Momcy said...

Ben, U don't need a wife, u need a mistress. Ha Ha!

Ben said...

Huh. Don't you need one to have the other? When you don't have a wife, isn't your mistress really just a girlfriend?

Anyway, I kind of don't really have time for a girl right now. At least, not in a relationship that needs constant attention. I need to settle in first and get things into a groove before I can properly tend to one.

lena said...

WOW - you're ganna do all that? shit, I'll be your wife and mistress! ;)

Ben said...

Well, most of it is just going to the local Walmart (or version of it) and picking out the stuff I like. Then I have to figure out how to cart it all back to the apartment on my little scooter. I might have to end up just buying them one at a time.

And for the bathroom fixtures, that will take some asking questions at the B&Q (which bears an uncanny resemblance to Home Depot, including logo colours) to see what's possible and how I should attempt all this.

Clarence said...

Fix it up! I highly recommend memory foam!

Kevin said...

What you do is, you go to B&Q and do the surveying and research, and then you drag a coworker with a car to make the purchase with you. One trip. Boom. Done.