What If ...

Let's for the moment consider the following hypothetical situation. You're at Costco, and you eye a 1lb vacuum-packed bag of razor-thin sliced pastrami. It looks delicious. You get those little cooked food images in your eyes like they have in the cartoons when the guy is hungry and sees a live chicken. I mean, it looks so delicious, you think it's practically got "EAT ME" on it.

And hell, at $7.99 for some awesome pastrami, why not. Especially since you don't know what the going rate for pastrami is anyhow -- it could be normally $14.99, and you're getting a heckuva deal! Could be. So let's say you -- remember, hypothetically speaking now -- can't turn down such an awesome deal which you have admittedly conjured up in your head. So you pick this bag up and take it home.

What would you put in your potential pastrami sandwich to make it the best pastrami sandwich ever?

Please hurry with your suggestions, because the hypothetical pastrami has an imaginary sell-by date of November 2004.


Anonymous said...

mmmmm....some roast beef, corned beef, and some pan fried spam on top of the pastrami on open faces of thick rye bread topped with sauerkraut, onions, mustard and a tablet of tums!

Ben said...

Here's what I ended up making, from browsing through various pastrami sandwich recipes ...

- pastrami (and lots of it)
- coleslaw (watery stuff removed)
- paper-thin slices of sweet onion
- honey-dijon spread (squeeze bottle, of course)
- hearty slices of roma tomatoes
- one lovely slice of swiss cheese
- all on a kaiser bun, lightly toasted

And though there isn't really a whole lot of healthy vegetable content, it's still pretty damned yummy, I have to say. :-)