Dream A Little Dream

okay, okay, here are my late fees. i promise to return the book on time next time.Sometimes it's fun to dream about The Good LifeTM (above and beyond the good life you might already have).

If you were rich, what would you do with the money (in order of preference)? Buy what things and why? Go where and do what? If money is no object, what becomes the object then?

Dream on, people!


Ce said...

I would buy a container to put all the money in.
I would buy some of that world peace stuff. I hear it's supposed to be good.

If money is no object, then maybe happiness, friendship, or sincerity might start playing a role. I might pick up some of that personality stuff too, if it's not too expensive.

Momcy said...

If money is no object, I would build a huge clinic with school setting and hide professionals to help young people that are in trouble in day to day life. I would help those who are struggling to find their ways and guide them back in the right track. Good Life! Hard Life! It’s how WE make it, and, if we (ourselves) willing to change the outlook in life, everything is possible! Last, I would travel all over the world with my family and be there for them every day. sigh ……. what a stupid dream!!!! Now, I’m depressed!

Ben said...

Wow, how noble of you guys!

I would probably do things in this order. Maybe.

- Put all my money somewhere first.
- Secure a home/property here.
- Furnish it. (This is no small expense, I assure you.)
- Treat my family, make sure they're comfortable.
- Get myself a decent car. Maybe two.
- Do some travelling (after I quit this job).
- A loft in Vancouver, Seattle, and/or SF. Waterfront, of course.

Something like that. Oh, and world peace.

Kevin Cheng said...

2 chicks. Same time.

(movie reference)

Ben said...

"That's it, [Kev]? If you had a million dollars, that's what you'd do, two chicks at the same time?"

"Well, I would invest half of it in mutual funds and give the rest of it to my friend, Saheib, in Securities."