Next Blog!

"Next blog!", it advertised. And upon succumbing to the temptation and clicking on the link, I stumbled across Pearls of Wisdom. It's contributed to by three girls -- I would imagine they're a couple of kids in college or something around that age. These short quips and one-liner quotes are always good for a laugh.

There was even another blog called "Unrequisited Love on the Blue Line", about a guy who writes about the attractive women he sees on some subway / train line every day in Chicago. Kind of neat, in a freaky creepy stalker killer-trying-to-come-out kind of way. It's no longer online. Maybe he got caught.


Anonymous said...

totally off note but since i'm new to your blog, i had to say this: i like it a lot! Thanks for the inspiring and witty comments/ideas/assumptions/etc.

great food for thoughts :)

keep it up


Ben said...

Thanks, and welcome, K! You'll find that I have a whole lot of useless stuff to say, but most of the joy of this blog is to have meaningful interaction with the readers via comments and feedback! Even meaningless interaction is welcome!