Let's see. In the past month, ...

General downturned mood.
Lost roughly 7lb of muscle mass.
Loss of healthy appetite.
Not watching what I eat now.
Nosebleeds every other day.
Mild headaches occasionally.
Losing the will to workout.
Not really excited by anything.

I'm no medical expert, but that can't be good, right?


Clarence said...

Sounds stress related? I mean you do have quite a bit on your mind right? Give me a call man. :) Go see the doctor though.

Get back to the gym man! You need some new motivation. =p

Ben said...

Yeah, I figure it's stress/mood related. Hopefully temporarily. I have to force myself out of it by stepping up the workouts. Need to recoil.

And nosebleeds aren't everyday now -- more like twice a week, which is (sadly) a marked improvement.

I forgot to mention a sudden preference towards Chinese comfort foods, the dishes of yesteryear when I was still a student. Must be a reverting stage in me that wants to avoid November!

S said...

Oy... that doesn't sound good. I hope this is just a small downswing.

I'm not sure if these symptoms are severe enough to get your thyroid and blood pressure checked... =P


ceaz said...

Hmm.. I've lost about 7 - 10lbs of muscle mass since moving to the Bay Area. My appetite isn't as big as it used to be, but I still will eat lots. I never really watched what I ate, but I never ate a lot of things I should be watching. No nosebleeds but lots of canker sores in my mouth and on my tongue(around once a month). I've lost the will to workout.. actually I just haven't worked out since January. I feel skinny and I'm always tired.

I need to sleep more and workout more. Is it really that simple?

Ben said...

I think those canker sores are the result of having too much "hot air" (as the Asian concept goes) ... from having fried foods and certain other delicious stuff.

I'm just recoiling now and reverting back to my RedBull and tons of water. Nosebleeds still aplenty, and I'm going to blame it on the hotter dryer weather of late -- we'll see if it's true or just a scapegoat!

As for working out, now that R and I are more on a schedule again, we can start pushing harder. My triceps are gonna hurt today from last night's. And strangely, that pleases me.

As for general mood, that's something I need to sort out still. Many things to consider, to think about, to leave to chance sometimes. Ah well.

Ya live, ya learn (sometimes).

Ce said...

lay off the crack
that'll stop the nosebleeds

hee hee

Ce said...

"Must be a reverting stage in me that wants to avoid November!"

You don't like November eh?
Will, I suspect I will learn to dislike it too.

Especially mid-November.

Ben said...

You need to set up a trip somewhere crazy-fun in mid-November. Me too, but more like early Nov.