Random Readers

I blog about crap. All sorts of crap. And a whole lot of it, at that. Hey, it's okay. It's no secret. I'm man enough to admit that most of my blog is just useless banter and garbage.

now ... where are those ants?What's interesting is that people visit, read the first paragraph, and I can almost see their expressions right away. Kind of a, "Seriously? You took the time to blog about this??" And yet, I'll bet most of those visitors will continue and finish reading the blog entry anyhow. Dunno why. (Maybe you just really like reading about doodies.)

In any case, here is a short history of the web searches that eventually lead random people to read my spewing. It's all over the place.

Altavista: tenderizing ribs
Yahoo: swish fluoride
Yahoo: sit ubu sit, good dog
Yahoo: difference between chinos khakis
Yahoo: volleyball+wedgy
MSN Search: pictures of chicken tofu burgers
Yahoo: little bumps on triceps
Google: FEDEX SHANGHAI CN Left FedEx Origin Location
Google: confirm yes no
Yahoo: Mario Winan lyrics
Yahoo: eating mooncake
Yahoo: tenderize ribs
Altavista: kfee commercial
Yahoo: alias bluetooth headset
Google: azn blog
Yahoo: asianavenue html decoder

It's not in this list, but sometimes people actually search for my blog by name. I hope they're not stalkers. Unless they want to bestow me with expensive gifts (and then leave immediately). Then that would be kind of nice.

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Momcy said...

Wow, that's good. Nobody likes my blog. I'm sure they think it is uninspiring, meaningless and unworthy to read. It's OK, I'm just being ME! :D