Extra Caution, It's Red

I don't really know why, but bugs -- particularly the flying variety -- are just scarier looking when they're red. I mean, black ones (especially those buzzing hear your eyes / ears) are a little freaky, but red ones? No contest. I bet the red ones were the jocks / bullies in Fly High School.


Ce said...

it's funny how some people are so scared of bugs... except for ladybugs. but they're the same thing! just a different colour.

Ben said...

That's because they're cute! They look like little VW Beetles, and they have a lovely polka-dot pattern on them. Plus, we know they're good bugs, because they eat aphids, which are bad for our mothers' rosebushes.

In general, I consider bugs ugly if I can see their head and thorax and abdomen in separate distinct sections. Like wasps and ants. Ants are ugly. Harmless, but ugly. And rather annoying during picnics, as seen on TV.

Momcy said...

Hey, they sell chocolate coated ants! Wonder whey?