That Face

Hahaha, I love seeing that mosquito face and the whole act around it. You know, the one people make when a mosquito suddenly appears right beside your face?

Far as I can remember, it's like this.

You're sitting or standing or whatever, minding your own business. You think you're aware of your surroundings, but something quickly proves you wrong: a mosquito (or bee or fly) comes into your peripheral vision. Heck, sometimes you don't even see it, and you just hear close-up buzzing next to one ear. Either way, you don't like it, and you don't want it, whatever it is.

First reaction? Recoil.

Survival instincts make you retreat from the unknown danger, and protect all your orifices. You only turn slightly to get a look at it, but not all the way to face it bravely. And you get these squinty eyes (protect the eyes), and your shoulder comes up (block the ear) while you rapidly wave the intruder away with your hands. Finally, though quite a ways away, your mouth shuts down and you go tight-lipped.

It's funny, but your eyes help out too: some people furiously bat their eyelids to help accelerate that air flow. I mean, I can't imagine a lot of help from that, when really it would do more good to blow at it instead.

Now with the West Nile scare, you'll probably want to hone your skills in this. Try practicing it now: do 3 sets of 12 reps. Yes, even if your boss is nearby; unless he has a better way to protect yourself without chemicals.


ceaz said...

Hahahaha.. I love reading your blog.

Kevin said...

The best is to be at a company picnic or bbq where everyone's around. Then along comes a bee, and you realize that, regardless of rank, some people are just afraid of bees. You boss, who can have everything under control in the office, is a cowaring idiot running away from a bee.

Ben said...

I forgot to mention that you should do each set with both sides. Imagine how embarrassing that would be, to be a lopsided bug-recoiler. [shudder]

Momcy said...

I'm used to bees because they try to build hives at the corner of sunroom's roof. I used to knock them down before they completed. In a good day, they built about two to three hives. Mosquitos, usually I don't find out until they bit me then it's too late! :(